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We founded our business with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, unique, and thought-provoking projects in every genre and industry. Thanks to our data-driven professional approach, we’ve been able to become the fastest growing legal video production studio in Texas. 

We specialize in making remote depositions as easy as possible on all parties. Our legal videographers are trained to iron out all the kinks of your zoom deposition before you even start the meeting. 

Once you start working with us, you’ll understand the Nerd Family Productions difference. Our skilled team members will leave no stone unturned until your project is completed to your satisfaction. If you’d like to learn more about our production services, get in touch today.

  •  Nerd Family Productions was a company born out of necessity that has capitalized on relationships within the community to become an organization that has a strong clientele base in the non-profit sector and is now managing content for government entities. 

  • Who We Are: Right now NFP operates as a single-member LLC owned and operated by CEO Niq Hunter. Niq created NFP during the COVID-19 pandemic out of his ability to adapt to a changing environment. It coincided with a personal reformation as he was recommitting himself to his faith and through daily prayer was implementing the teaching of Christ in his daily routine. As part of this transformation he was searching for a way to remove himself from an industry he felt no longer aligned with his core beliefs. Through sheer will and determination, he took a hobby and turned it into his craft, starting off by only advertising on social media. Once he was able to leverage his skills into recurring revenue he began to expand on his service offerings and has grown the offerings of NFP from basic video production to full-fledged marketing services including:

    • Web-Development               Video Production

    • Live Stream Production         Traditional Marketing 

    • Copy Writing                      Billboard and Poster Design

    • Corporate Document Design  Legal Video Production

    • Logo Design                       Graphic Design

    • Social Media Marketing         Studio Design and more…

Niq is looking to take the next step and build something that can last for generations to come. 

  • What We Have: We currently manage the content for multiple organizations from religious and social non-profits but are also taking on larger contracts for government entities. Our strength is in building relationships and operating with integrity. Our focus on implementing the most cutting-edge technology has created a process of efficiency that can allow us to be able to compete on not just price but quality as well. In addition to the content side, we also have the capacity to grow our subsidiary Nerd Family Technologies into a hardware reseller and IT service provider. 

  • Marketing: Our current focus is on maintaining the relationships we have within our core competencies and growing our market share in the industries we currently have a strong foundation. We will continue to build relationships within the non-profit, petrochemical, legal, government, education, and small to midsize business communities while developing services we can offer to retail clients in the future. Currently, we are only focusing on the existing contracts we have while bidding on jobs that we have been requested to consult on. Our expansion will include a focus on social media marketing with an emphasis on creating content on YouTube. Additionally, any budget for marketing shall be diverted towards the development of a streamlined RFP to proposal application that can be repackaged as a SAAS product. 

  • Financials: Our most recent projections from 12/2022 list our value at 1.1 million and we’ve recently surpassed the average annual revenue of 100k. 

  • What We Are Looking For: Trusted advisors that can bring financial stability through acquiring our accounts payable and assisting in asset management. Our goal is to create a training program that yields results so that we can grow our workforce and take on more work. 

  • What are our Strenghs: Our biggest asset is the ability to provide value for our clients they didn’t know existed. Our standard is to be prompt, provide clear solutions, and continue until the problem is solved. Our expertise is vast and we are a process-driven organization that strives for efficiency without sacrificing quality. 

  • What are our opportunities/challenges: Stability, more than anything we need to take the momentum that we’ve built and create a foundation for growth. We need to stress test our policies by implementing them with low-cost labor from the global market while continuing our work in the community to establish local training programs and internships. 

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